Ratu felisa sexy girl indonesia

In the eyes of Queen felisha, artists Shandy Aulia her friend is a fun and friendly, funny and friendly. Even saking akrabnya, during syuting often act ‘gauche’. But we realize, is a capricious manner and maintain the intimacy.

“He funny, friendly, fun, a small child but I most often dikurangajarin with him. I just choosy, so he ‘ah kak Feli wild, do not deket-deket, he demons,’ hehehe, but I know he love me ama . Emang love hina aja-mortification, and the most exciting reproval so I make, but I can never angry, “said a woman called Feli is normal.

Shandy Aulia right at 00.00 WIB, syuting help in the location, in the Regions Cirendeu, Tangerang, get a birthday surprise from his friends and the kru sinetron sinetron dibintanginya that. Former boyfriend Roger Danuarta it to enter the age-23 on June 23, at his busy syuting.

While the problem akting, Feli see seniornya Shandy is the more experienced. Moreover, the film is the big screen dibintanginya.

“He was the natural, as they have been playing the big screen and hopefully to the future career more OK, a success, one more open. What do you like the person he was-do you know about our private, but when we ask, he is directly spoken, foul!” explained.

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